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A Sewing Diary

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Don't get me wrong, I'd sleep in my fabric stash too if I could.

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- continued from thrift shop batch for $19.50

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Island thrift shop haul batch 1 - I'm originally from Vancouver Island and I happen to know some unbelievable charity shops that are tucked away but always seem to have treasure for me. This entire haul (including uncut patterns!!! 😲) cost me $19.50 CDN. Pretty excited.

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I made a lemon cream #blackwoodcardiganby fellow Vancouverite @helens__closet and I'm in love. I can't wait to wear this for Easter. I have been so skeptical that I picked the right fabric/color. Was so close to opting for black because I know it's wearable but having a #memadewardrobeis more fun when you take a few risks and play with color you don't normally try. This was my first time sewing knits and I loved the way Helen spelled it out. So EASY even if a bit nerve racking to lose my knit-virginity. I shortened the sleeves and body to fit my proportions which was part of the pattern... and can we all just have a collective "Amen" for layered sizing options?!. Highly recommend this pattern! #sewist #sewcialist #sewing #handmadewardrobe #indiepattern #sewingpattern #sewingknits #cardigan

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I am so excited about my new @tessutifabrics #rubydress. Such a simple elegant shape and I'm definitely going to make another before summer. I ended up putting in a really short neck band/cuff that gives it an Audrey Hepburn feel. I am not at all happy with the bottom hem because the fabric is this tricky fray-prone light weave but I think I'll take in the sides at the bottom to give it a more cocoon shape and that will help. Can't wait to throw on my sunnies & some black leather sandals. Summer can't come soon enough!! #sewcialist #sewist #memade #handmadewardrobe #sewing

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I love being able to open up my machine to clean it and check out the mechanisms. It makes it worthwhile to own these vintage workhorse machines (even though I daydream about a new one allllll the time).

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Made the @inthefolds #peplumtopbut I went rogue with my fabric choice and made it from a faux suede in a light blue/grey. Looks a bit flat on the hanger but it's so cute and so soft. I wore it last night with some high waisted black jeans and I loved it. It drapes really nicely. Aside from having troubles with weight in the bias binding, and opting to hem instead, I thought it sewed up pretty smoothly in a mid- weight with a bit of stretch. I can't believe this is a free pattern. #memade

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Kimono Top is finished-ish ...Well, it still needs a hem & a good press. I think I'm going to hand stitch the hem because I don't really think top stitch will suit it. Finished my first 2017 #makenineyaaaaay. Nice simple top for $5.00CAD with clearance moss tencel from @dresssew. I'd sew it up a bit differently next time around to reduce bulk on the neckline and I needed to grade out the hips pretty significantly to get the shape I wanted. The tencel has drape but it's sturdy. I'd like to try this shape in a crepe or viscose. Simple shape will suit some pretty prints too.

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This is the first fabric I ever used to sew a dress and it was so nice to work with. It's some kind of heavy cotton with a bit of a texture and finish. I had to do a burn test to figure out what it was because I got it in the clearance bin. I'm mostly sure it's cotton... Anyway I'm really fond of this and I like the look of the lilac grey with a very subtle champagne shimmer. Favorite fabric #miymarch17But also.... I love silk. I wish silk was easier to find locally.

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Its Library day for #miymarch17 -- I own exactly two sewing books and to be honest, I haven't really given them much time. I learn best by hands on, and watching and replicating. YouTube tutorials are my library. HOWEVER... after watching @gabberdashery video of her favorite books I have become so curious about the Japanese sewing books out there and I think I'd like to start getting some. I've been enjoying browsing www.japanesesewingbooks.com does anyone have favorites? Have you tried any of these books out yet? 🙄

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I'm going to go ahead and say the Ogden Cami by @truebias is my pick for stash buster. Practical, simple, elegant, versatile. Doesn't need much fabric. You can whip it up super quick. Looks great under a knit cardi or tucked into a high waisted skirt. Options are limitless. I've even seen a ruffle bottom hack that I think would be super sweet. #miymarch17 Day... ack I've lost count now. 7?

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Muse! Angelica Huston is a major inspiration. I love her big bold dark feminine drama and unapologetic exploration of menswear. While my personal style tends to be much more pedestrian and minimal, I love the reminder to make my own rules and use clothing to express the way I interpret the world around me. 😍 #miymarch17 Day 6.

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Outer... I am not there yet in my skill but I am OBSESSED with this French pattern from Aime Comme Marie -- the montmartre jacket (and let's face it, all the French patterns). I picture making one in a neutral and one in a bright pop of color like a berry or an emerald. This is a must-sew for me so I'm going to have to lean on 1 part Canadian elementary school French, 1 part my husband's French immersion, and 1 part Google translate to figure out the instructions. I hope to give it my best shot in the Fall and keep building my skills towards this project with my make nine projects over the summer 😍 #miymarch17 Day5

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I started sewing as an act of rebellion against an industry that has told me over and over that I'm not ok. I'm so sick of wishing I was thinner or that my body type was the kind that looked right in the latest shillouettes. It's time for clothes to fit me, not the other way around. Sewing is pure self-care. For me, it checks every branch of this diagram (I have no idea who to credit for this image, i didnt draw/write it, but I love it). #miymarch17 Day4

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Since I'm so new to sewing, I'm not sure I've really got the experience to say what tools are my personal essentials. I love the snips my sister bought me in Japan. And the magnetic pin collector I keep by the machine. But really what is essential to me at this stage is fabric. I don't buy a lot but I do browse A LOT. The feel, texture, color, movement... it's what makes me excited to try, and fail, and keep trying. I'm really not afraid to buy nice fabric and try really hard to make it fit right - even as a beginner. To me nice fabric is essential to keeping me in the bliss of learning and it's worth it to work with something I'm going to be careful and thoughtful with. #miymarch17 Day3

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Gotta love a tiny kitchen... i mean sewing den... 😉 I like to think it's better this way because I'm closer to the coffee & snacks. I need to get some bulldog clips to secure my cutting board to the table. I have to move my machines up onto the table after cutting. Fabric is in a different storage spot with all my little tools. Day 2 #miymarch17

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#miymarch17 Heeellloooo beautiful, lovely, inspiring sewing community! This is me... I'm Marie (and behind me is my sister Melanie). We're just starting out on our sewing journey... complete newbs... and really excited to build our skills towards a handmade wardrobe. My first ever project was an @byhandlondon Elisalex dress (love it!) and Melanie is stitching up a DIY kimono coverup right now with a pretty lace trim. By day im a student and my sister is a chef. We are Canadians from Vancouver BC. Pleased to meet you!! ✌

Vancouver, British Columbia
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Clearance fabric joy. Sometimes you really luck out.

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