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Election season is among us. Throughout the international community various states and governments are up for drastic political change or possible re-election. Notably the elections in Ukraine, Australia, and Turkey have been headline worthy, while the European Parliamentary elections are underway, and presidential elections in Afghanistan and the United States come into cycle. Two of the biggest eye worthy outcomes within this period have been the re-election of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in India, and the resignation of Prime Minister Theresa May in the UK. This week, Modi was re-elected to a second 5 year term in a landslide victory in the largest democratic elections on the planet, with a historical 67% voter turnout. Recent events such as the terrorist attacks in Kashmir, refusing to stand down in the face of an arms race with perpetual rival Pakistan, a healthy economy, and securing India’s title of being a space superpower, undoubtedly influenced voters conscious at the polls. As a result Modi and his BJP party will remain in power for the next 5 years and likely continue pushing the non aligned position India has taken regarding geopolitical relations, choosing to do business with both sides of the aisle despite international tension. In Britain, the situation doesn’t appear anything more than grim. After the introduction of several different plans to leave the European Union, all of which have been killed by parliament, Prime Minister Theresa May has announced her resignation, effective June 7th. The nomination of her successor, one to throw their own hat in the Brexit ring, is forecasted to take at least 6 weeks, time May said she is prepared to remain until. Long overdue, the 2016 referendum outcome of the British people has fallen subservient to the complexity of economic negotiations and neighboring relations. Follow for more: @the.geopolitical.forecaster Tags: #politics #political #politik #politica #politico #trump #conservative #liberal #republican #democrat #feminist #vegan #europe #memes #military #student #college #news #breakingnews #russia #china #unitedstates #india #uk #election #writer #debate #writersofinstagram #maga

London, United Kingdom
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20 years have passed since NATO launched an illegal campaign of air strikes into Yugoslavia. Disastrous bombings that have produced a developing crisis in the region that threatens the Balkan population and its future generations. In 1999 what little remained identifiable of the Yugoslavian state was quickly derailing. While the other former Yugoslav territories such as Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, and Bosnia, had already claimed independence, Serbia had hoped to keep its diversely ethnic province Kosovo in line. When the repressed Albanian minorities formed the Kosovo Liberation Army to break from Yugoslav military rule, a brutal war of civilian killings, mass ethnic displacement, and aerial bombardment broke out. When diplomacy failed NATO was given the go ahead to strike Yugoslav targets, despite failing to receive approval from the United Nations Security Council. Throughout the bombing campaign NATO dropped an estimated 15 tons of depleted Uranium shells on civilian and military targets. As a result Serbia today has witnessed the highest rate of malicious tumors in Europe. More than 30,000 were diagnosed with cancer merely a decade after the strikes. 10,000 - 18,000 have died as a result of NATO dropping uranium weapons on civilian and military targets. The health of Serbia’s current populace and future generations are not only gravely threatened by their own radioactive soil, but the Aegean, Black, and Adriatic seas have also been contaminated due to the illegal NATO strikes. Follow for more: @the.geopolitical.forecaster Tags: #politics #political #politik #politica #politico #trump #conservative #liberal #republican #democrat #feminist #nato #europe #memes #military #student #college #news #breakingnews #russia #china #unitedstates #serbia #yugoslavia #writer #writersofinstagram #debate #notmypresident #maga

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For the past several months a group called the Embassy Protection Collective, consisting of anti Venezuelan coup protestors, had been inhabiting the Venezuelan embassy in Washington to protest the U.S. role in attempting to topple the Maduro government. That all came to an abrupt end yesterday when American forces battering ram’d the door and stormed the embassy, arresting all the remaining protestors. Previously authorities had cut the power to the embassy, blocked food and medicine supplies from reaching the activists inside, and produced loud volume audio pieces to keep the protestors inside unable to sleep. The forced removal of these Venezuelan activists is a direct violation of international law under the Geneva convention as they were inside the embassy with the invitation of the Venezuelan government. Under the upholding 1961 Vienna Convention embassies are regarded as sovereign territory of the addressed nation it represents, making any unlawful breach a violation of international law and an attack on a sovereign state. However, it’s unlikely Washington will give a damn considering their long history of breaching international law to advance their imperialist conquests. Which of course continues on virtually unchallenged beyond Russian and Chinese threats. Today its in Venezuela where Washington has given itself the authority to appoint foreign nationals to leadership roles in sovereign states whenever it likes, completely bypassing the voice of the people within them. Follow for more: @the.geopolitical.forecaster Tags: #politics #political #politik #politica #politico #trump #conservative #liberal #republican #democrat #feminist #europe #memes #military #student #college #news #breakingnews #russia #china #unitedstates #venezuela #maduro #writer #writersofinstagram #debate #maga #notmypresident #handsoffvenezuela #usa

Washington, District of Columbia
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Tensions with Iran have significantly and rapidly increased ever since the Trump administration began employing long time war hawks and Neo-Cons to fill its foreign policy ranks. The last few weeks we have seen the systematic targeting and intimidation of the United States focus on Iran. From implementing layers upon layers of inhumane sanctions, listing the IRGC as a terrorist organization, and sending multiple bombers and aircraft carriers to the Persian gulf. Now we find ourselves one incident away from war with Iran. Washington has presented an updated military plan that will be sending 120,000 American troops to Iran and carrying out a cyber attack termed “Nitro Zeus” that would disrupt Iran’s power grid, should Iran do anything to threaten their presence. A troop size that large would be nearing the amount sent in 2003 in the illegal invasion of Iraq. The rest of the sane world who remembers all the other disastrous western campaigns in the region including Iraq and Afghanistan, have expressed extreme caution and a halt in military plans. False flags to instigate the war with Iran have already surfaced. When 4 oil vessels were scratched over the weekend, blame was quickly addressed to Iran despite any actual evidence hailing from the accusers. It’s unclear why a president who campaigned on the promise that he wouldn’t start any wars, called the Iraq war a “big fat mistake”, claims he wants a full troop pull out of Iraq and Syria, and has built a platform on the notion of “America first”, would so easily fall subservient to the war mongers of his administration. Men like John Bolton who have tried convincing every administration he’s worked under to offensively strike Iran, Mike Pompeo, a self identified liar, cheater, and thief when in the CIA, and Elliot Abrams, a convicted war criminal who funded and supported multiple genocidal regimes in Central and Latin America. What will Americans have to gain when their government topples ANOTHER sovereign state and creates ANOTHER immense power vacuum? Where are the “America First” chants to be heard now? Follow for more: @the.geopolitical.forecaster Tags: #politics #political #politik #politica

Tehran, Iran
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A year ago when the United States announced the discontinuation of its role within the JCPOA, or the Iran Nuclear Deal, the other signatories of the agreement including Europe, Russia, and China vowed to uphold the terms of the deal. But now a year later since unjustly exiting the JCPOA, Washington has been hell bent on carving a path towards a military confrontation with the Iranian government. From implementing layers upon layers of economic sanctions that have only harmed the Iranian people, stamping the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organization, to ending waivers for oil and metal customers of Iran. Now in a clear move to further antagonize Iran, Neo-Con ring leader John Bolton has announced the mobilization of an aircraft carrier strike group and bombers to the Persian gulf, all based on “clear indications Iran is planning to attack U.S. forces in the region”. A move that Iran is entirely unlikely to have even planned, is based on a complete lack of evidence and transparency, and is hauntingly reminiscent of the false narrative fed to the American people in 2003 to initiate the illegal war in Iraq. Now in the face of stacking U.S. sanctions and bullying, the other sponsors of the JCPOA are unable to keep their end of the bargain, leading Iran to highly consider ending its own commitment to the deals terms and restarting its nuclear program. Of course all of this could be avoided. Iran has no desire to attack American forces nor does it foam at the mouth over restarting a weapons program that will receive international condemnation. But what else is there to do when neighboring perpetual rivals such as Saudi Arabia and Israel are allowed to advance nuclear weapons programs of their own unmonitored and unabated? What is Iran’s government to do when Washington, corrupted by war hawks, unjustly shreds a nuclear agreement that Iran to this day is in full compliance with? Follow for more: @the.geopolitical.forecaster Tags: #politics #political #politik #politica #politico #trump #conservative #liberal #republican #democrat #europe #memes #military #student #college #news #breakingnews #russia #china #unitedstates #iran #islam #writer

Tehran, Iran
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Unknown to the majority of the world, details and satellite images continue to be leaked of the highly covert nuclear city India is constructing in Chellakere. The aims of this facility include increasing and upgrading the countries thermonuclear weapons and war head stockpiles to reach the arsenals of neighboring China and Pakistan, as well as competing as an emerging world power. Through this ambition there exists an impending international threat. The Indian government plans to increase its stockpile of enriched uranium in order to construct a whole new range of more powerful devastating hydrogen bombs in addition to its already active 100. All information related to the secret facility in Chellakere has been solely obtained by media and independent researchers seeing as not even international nuclear inspectors such as the IAEA have access to the military facility. Even the grounds the nuclear city stands on are controversial. The Indian government obtained the 10,000 acres of land when they removed the cattle fields and ownership of the soil from the 300,000 residents who depended on the land for revenue and product, hardly even informing the residents of their illegal eviction. The existence of this facility remains under incredibly tight wraps within the Indian government and military, despite the west’s acknowledgment of its existence as well as former and rogue Indian military personnel who have revealed haunting details of India’s desire to create even more powerful planet devastating weapons in this new international arms race. Follow for more: @the.geopolitical.forecaster Tags: #politics #political #politik #politica #politico #trump #conservative #liberal #republican #democrat #feminist #vegan #europe #memes #military #student #college #news #breakingnews #russia #china #unitedstates #india #debate #writer #writersofinstagram #maga #notmypresident #currentevents #geopolitics

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This morning Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido gave a speech at the Generalisimo Francisco de Miranda Air base in which he announced the final phase in Operation Libertad, the campaign to remove Nicolas Maduro from power, calling for a military uprising and a mass mobilization of street protests across the country. And it failed. Miserably. Guaido’s rally cries failed to spark national unrest which would lead to overturning the current government. Sizable protests emerged within Caracas, Maracay, and Barinas, but very few military units defected to the oppositions side, the vast majority reaffirming their commitment to Maduro. Due to the failure of the US-backed coup, key opposition leaders such as Leopoldo Lopez have sought refuge in the Brazilian and Chilean embassies in fear of risking re-arrest for his previous crimes connected to inciting violence and terrorism in 2015. Back in Washington the architects of the coup attempt couldn’t be less displeased. Taking to Twitter, National Security Advisor John Bolton, a force behind the 2002 coup against Chavez, threatened specific Maduro government employees, including the heads of the presidential guard and defense ministry, to defect towards Guaido, writing “Your time is up. This is your last chance. Accept Interim President Guaido’s amnesty, protect the constitution, and remove Maduro, and we will take you off our sanctions list. Stay with Maduro, and go down with the ship.” Present Trump, under the strong suspicion that Cuban interference is the root of Maduro’s power, went as far as to threaten a “complete embargo and the highest level sanctions” upon the Caribbean island nation should it continue its support for Maduro. Now Washington appears to be preparing for a direct military confrontation involving U.S. troops. While Senate members are calling for military action, the infamous “Blackwater” mercenary group is suggesting they send 5,000 soldiers to install Guaido’s government. Follow for more: @the.geopolitical.forecaster Tags: #politics #political #politik #politica #politico #trump #conservative #liberal #republican #democrat #europe #memes #military #student #college #news #breakingnews

Generalissimo Francisco de Miranda Air Base
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On Tuesday the Saudi Arabian government executed 37 Shia Muslims, hung the bodies in public squares to intimidate fear into the public, and crucified one of them for harming the “peace and security of society”, yet they remain a part of the UN human rights council and a close western colleague. The convicted, including several minors, were accused of attending and taking part in pro democracy rallies during the Arab Spring and forming anti government protests. This was one of the largest execution rounds to take place in a single day in the Kingdom’s entire history. One of the victims who was a minor was set to attend college in Michigan before his unjust execution. European counties such as the UK were quick to condemn the Saudi governments horrific order and suggested they not be allowed to host the G20 summit next year. Others in the west such as the United States remained completely silent in fear of upsetting the feelings of its loyal Salafist weapons customers. BBC contributor and analyst Emily Thornberry office has accurately calculated that the number of Saudi executions has doubled in the last 8 months, averaging around 133 executions in the months between July 2017 and February 2018 alone. The world is no longer able to pretend to be unaware or ignorant of the mass human rights violations taking place in Saudi Arabia, especially after the murder and dismemberment of Jamal Khashoggi. This incident is one of many that labels Saudi Arabia as the largest violation of human rights and an unmonitored danger to the rest of the world. It’s entirely unclear why the west continues to partner with the sole authority on this earth that professes and spends billions a year expanding the ideology of Salafist Wahhabism. The ideology that opposes and seeks to eliminate every traditional value the west holds and every terror group follows. Follow for more: @the.geopolitical.forecaster Tags: #politics #political #politik #politica #politico #trump #conservative #liberal #republican #democrat #europe #memes #military #student #college #news #breakingnews #russia #china #unitedstates #saudiarabia #iran #islam #arab #middleast #writer #writersofinstagram

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
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The Trump administration is changing tactics in its campaign of intervening in the matters of sovereign states within the Middle East. This time all focus is being directed towards the non state, Iranian backed militia and political entity known as Hezbollah, which is based in Lebanon. On Monday, Washington announced an award of $10 million for information that would lead to the hijaking of Hezbollahs global financial backings and arrest of several of the groups leading financiers. Those listed in the warrant include wealthy operatives and communications directors working directly within Hezbollah including: Adham Tabaja, Mohammed Ibrahim Bazzi, and Ali Youssef Charara. Analysts predict this will be the first of many waves of attacks launched by the Trump administration to drain Hezbollahs finances, a group the U.S. has designated a foreign terrorist network since 1997. Hezbollah was formed in 1982 when Iran was able to unify various Shia militias into a single force during the Lebanese Civil war to counter Israel and its proxy forces aggression and occupation in the south of Lebanon. This campaign of aggression towards a strong Iranian regional pillar is undoubtedly in direct coordination with the U.S. involvement in toppling President Assad’s government in Syria, its contribution to the genocide in Yemen to counter the Iranian proxy group the Houthis, and the continued occupation of the failed state of Iraq. All of which are military campaigns sold as “countering terrorism”, yet is clearly just the U.S. doing its part in aiding Saudi Arabia and Israel in their separate quests of regional hegemony to counter Iran’s growing influence in the middle eastern Cold War that has been raging for 40 years and is only evolving into a new act within this epic struggle. Follow for more: @the.geopolitical.forecaster Tags: #politics #political #politik #politica #politico #trump #conservative #liberal #republican #democrat #feminist #vegan #europe #memes #military #student #college #news #breakingnews #russia #arab #unitedstates #lebanon #hezbollah #islam #middleast #writer #writersofinstagram #maga #notmypresident

Beirut, Lebanon
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During a hearing between Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and the Senates Foreign Relations Committee, it was made undoubtedly clear that the Trump administration is seeking to instigate a massive conflict with its supposed “arch enemy”, the Islamic Republic of Iran. Pompeo and his fellow Neo-Conservative henchmen have been setting the stage for a war with Iran for decades, and now it seems the final pieces are being orchestrated. During the hearing, Pompeo repeatedly pushed a lie that Iran has ties to Al-Qaeda and 9/11, and suggested he could apply the 2001 war authorization AUMF to completely bypass Congressional approval for a war with Iran. “I can tell you explicitly, you have not been given power or authority by Congress to have war with Iran,” committee member and senator Rand Paul warned Pompeo, to which the SoS replied “There is no doubt there is a connection. Period. Full stop.” The reality is that there is zero evidence to suggest Iran played a role in the September 11th attacks or contributed support to Al-Qaeda. In fact the opposite is true considering Al-Qaeda is an extreme Sunni link who is in direct conflict with Iran’s dominant Shiite theocracy. Truthfully it’s the United States regional weapons customer Saudi Arabia who directly funds arms to terrorist militias and is responsible for the spreading of the Salafist Jihad ideology that groups like Al-Qaeda, IsIs, and Boko Haram follow out in terrorist attacks such as 9/11. Pompeo is borrowing pages from the same book the Bush Jr administration used to propagate the illegal war in Iraq. Rhetoric based on forged intelligence, including the lie that Saddam Hussein had provided training to the 9/11 attackers. Earlier this month the U.S. labeled Iran’s revolutionary guard corps a “terrorist network”, asked the Pentagon for plans to offensively strike Iran, and announced an end in waivers on Iran’s oil exports, which at this point is a complete embargo on Iran’s production seeking to cripple the countries economy. It’s unclear why the the world community is allowing the U.S. military establishment to pursue another unjustified war and push the geopolitical stage into further dilemma. #politics #political

Washington, District of Columbia
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While the infamous Doomsday clock is already a mere 2 minutes from the tick of global annihilation, our world powers appear to not only be ignoring midnights disastrous consequences, but are pushing us closer to the final mark. During the nations international day of peace, Indian prime minister Narendra Modi threatened to wipe Pakistan of the map with the “mother of all nuclear bombs” should tensions continue to rise. “We have the mother of nuclear bombs. I decided to tell them [Pakistan], do whatever you want to do but we will retaliate,” Modi said in his speech including “...it is now Pakistan’s turn to weep.” Tensions have been increasingly rising between the two nuclear superpowers since the Pakistani based terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammed carried out an attack in Indian administered Kashmir which left over 40 dead, and resulted in an active campaign of war plane battles and border raiding clashes between the two. While the international community is virtually absent from making any effort to cool tensions, India has made it clear it intends to strike Pakistan again, stating: “Those days are gone when India would give in to threats. This is a new India and it will strike terrorists well inside their hideouts across the border.” Pakistani officials have appealed to the UN Security Council, presenting apparent evidence that suggests India plans to strike Pakistan in mid April, a move that has been warned against by Islamabad leadership. It’s quite clear that an arms race has ensued in South-East Asia between the powers, among the results being India’s recent achievement of manufacturing and successfully testing a ballistic “satellite killing” space missile, resulting in their recognition as the fourth space superpower. Follow for more: @the.geopolitical.forecaster Tags: #politics #political #politik #politica #politico #trump #conservative #liberal #republican #democrat #feminist #vegan #europe #memes #military #student #college #news #breakingnews #russia #china #unitedstates #india #pakistan #asia #muslim #writer #maga #writersofinstagram

New Dehli, India
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Ever since Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri declared war on ISIS and its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the two most infamous terrorist groups have competed all over the Middle East to become the dominant influential militant group. Although both terrorist groups follow similar ideologies including Salafist Jihadism, Wahhabism, and Qutbism, all rooted in waging offensive jihad to advance Islamic dominance and conquest, a difference in Caliphate ambition and accusations of sedition keep the groups at hostilities. While media and state heads around the world tell tales of the complete defeat of ISIS and the disintegration of Al-Qaeda, the truth is far more terrifying. Pentagon and international military reports indicate Al-Qaeda is now stronger than ever before in arms and influence and that Islamic States grip remains tight in a dozen counties around the region, with only its physical form splintered. One of the most recent cases is Yemen. The Saudi-led, American funded, genocidal war continues to ravage the health of over 10 million Yemeni men, women, and children forecasted to starve to death in the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time. As a result Yemen has been turned into fertile ground for Al Qaeda and ISIS to redevelop and grow. Yemen has become a petri dish for Islamic militants to attract and enlist waves of young radicalized men into their conquests. Great violent battles between the groups are becoming far more common in the region as a war for territory and caliphate supremacy continues to threaten states securities. “The rivalry between Islamic State and al-Qaeda in Yemen has developed into a full-blown blood feud,” Yemen analyst Elisabeth Kendall reported. Follow for more: @the.geopolitical.forecaster Tags: #politics #political #politik #politica #politico #trump #conservative #liberal #republican #democrat #feminist #vegan #europe #memes #military #student #college #news #breakingnews #russia #china #unitedstates #syria #yemen #islam #arab #writer #maga #writersofinstagram

Aden, Yemen
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China’s continued mass militarization of the South China Sea and outright aggression concerning the ownership of the waters economically valuable trading routes has regional states Vietnam, South Korea, Brunei, Indonesia, and Japan increasingly concerned. But it is Taiwan, the former Chinese territory that became its own state in 1949 following the Chinese civil war, that is receiving threats of military invasion and annexation from the Chinese state. Chinese President Xi Jinping has been mobilizing the Chinese armed forces for war and to be prepared to fight “many bloody battles” to reclaim Taiwan as a part of the home state. This week China’s navy and air force began conducting additional drills into the disputed waters of the Taiwan Strait, dangerously close to the Taiwanese mainland. The international community has sounded little alarm regarding the potential brewing conflict in the region, expressing limited caution and failing to draft any bilateral solutions. The United States has been adamant on defending Taiwan’s sovereignty, which included the formation of a counter military presence in the South China Sea and the assembling of a Pacific state coalition. China has strongly expressed its view that any foreign retaliation regarding its sovereignty claims and military conquest, will be met with consequential force, going as far as to threaten the lives of the U.S. navy vessels patrolling the region with their new devastating DF-26 Super Sonic missile twice. “We make no promise to renounce the use of force. We reserve the option for all the necessary means”, President Xi Jinping hauntingly stated, leaving the world unsure of China’s next move, and whether Taiwan’s national security is at an immediate risk and worthy of addressing. Follow for more: @the.geopolitical.forecaster Tags: #politics #political #politik #politica #politico #trump #conservative #liberal #republican #democrat #feminist #vegan #europe #memes #military #student #college #news #breakingnews #russia #china #unitedstates #taiwan #asia #writer #writersofinstagram #debate #maga #notmypresident

Taipei, Taiwan
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Before I go into the final editing stage, and ultimately publishing, of my next articles for rightwingism.com, I would like to bring attention to my previously written work “The Noam Chomsky Observation: Why Every Post-WWII President Is A War Criminal” and “The Iran Nuclear Deal: Why Trump Is Sorely Wrong About Leaving”, if you haven’t already read them. Lots of time, research, and anticipated feedback goes into writing these and I highly recommend you take a look. I’ve gotten really great responses from people who enjoyed what I wrote, and hearing that I may have changed your mind on a subject in my material I post here or on the website is always beneficial to me. Please enjoy! Link in my bio or you can visit rightwingism.com to view my colleagues articles who also work on the site. Thanks eternally! Follow for more: @the.geopolitical.forecaster Tags: #politics #political #politik #politica #politico #trump #conservative #liberal #republican #democrat #feminist #vegan #europe #memes #military #student #college #news #breakingnews #russia #china #unitedstates #writer #writersofinstagram #essay #debate #article #support

Rochester, New York
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After months of anti regime protests and calls for revolution, the Sudanese people have succeeded in deposing President Oman al-Bashir, the repressive tyrant who has ruled mercilessly for the past 30 years. In response to his outing the International Criminal Court has called on Sudanese authorities to extradite him for an outstanding arrest warrant that accuses Bashir of 5 counts of crimes against humanity and two counts of war crimes. Crimes that include the horrific systematic ethnic cleansing and genocide of 300,000 non-Arabs in the Darfur region on Bashir’s command beginning in 2003. This finality in the long campaign of ridding Bashir from power succeed in large part to the Sudanese military who abandoned him in the chaos to seize power themselves. In a television statement the army announced a state of emergency and have assumed power for the next two years during a national transition. The majority of the protestors see this as only swapping one tyrant for another and demand the army hand over power to a civilian government immediately. Follow for more: @the.geopolitical.forecaster Tags: #politics #political #politik #politica #politico #trump #conservative #liberal #republican #democrat #feminist #vegan #europe #memes #military #student #college #news #breakingnews #russia #china #unitedstates #sudan #africa #revolution #writer #writersofinstagram #makeamericagreatagain #notmypresident #maga

Khartoum, Sudan
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Yesterday the United States decided to declare Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) a terrorist group. Iran’s leadership was quick to issue a counter condemnation by labeling the United States Central Command (CENTCOM) and all it’s branches and affiliates in the region also terrorists. The IRGC is a special branch of Iran’s armed forces who’s sole purpose is to defend the Islamic Republic System established by Ayatollah Khomeini during the 1979 Islamic Revolution against any attempted coups or foreign interference. Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel proudly mentioned to the world that he had specifically asked Trump to make this move against the IRGC, a decision among many that have been specially conducted to confirm a re-election for both leaders. This decision by Trump, coerced by the current Israeli leadership and a Neo-Conservative administration, is widely seen as another attempt to spark a perpetual war between Tehran and Washington that war hawks in the west have been attempting to instigate for decades. A war with Iran would only lead to millions of troops and innocents killed, trillions of dollars spent, a certain military confrontation with Russia, and an even larger vacuum in the region for terrorist militias to formulate. “The U.S. wants to try and damage the economy to the extent where’s there’s civil unrest, and an increasing pressure between the different political factions in Iran. They want that to pressure the Iranian government to negotiate with the U.S. or to engage in some changes”, Geopolitical analyst Emma Hawthorne said to CNBC. The Trump administration has taken such a Bush era stance on Iran that it has led to the incoherent and unjustified dismantlement of the U.S. role in the JCPOA deal and the reinstatement of the most brutal and internationally condemned sanctions on the Iranian people, that any chance of peace and partnership between the global powers unseen since before the 1979 revolution seems unimaginable. Follow for more: @the.geopolitical.forecaster Tags: #politics #political #politik #politica #politico #trump #conservative #liberal #republican #democrat #feminist #vegan #europe #memes #military #student

Tehran, Iran
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Libya has descended arguably into perhaps the most violent, lawless, and structurally deteriorated nation on the planet, ever since the U.S. led a military intervention in 2011 that toppled longtime ruler Muammar Gaddafi and sparked a new age of barbaric toxicity. The disastrous intervention quickly turned the oil rich land into a melting pot where tribal war leaders and Islamic militias, eight years on, continue clashing for regional power in a civil war that has spawned various terrorist groups and allowed horrific slave auctions of women and children to ferment. The world now watches the situation dramatically worsen as the government of Libyan military commander Khalifa Haftar leads deadly assaults on the capital city of Tripoli to counter UN military occupation, leaving dozens dead all the while ignoring international calls for a ceasefire. Haftars objective is to push out the UN administered GNA armed forces put in place since Gaddafi’s overthrow. His Libyan National Army has the backing of the United Arab Emirates and other Arabic foundations which has succeeded in seizing conflicted territories through fierce battles. The United States and India were among the nations who pulled diplomats from the increasingly violent situation progressing in Tripoli. Meanwhile the GNA armed forces are conducting counteroffensives to match Haftars liberation campaign all while Tripoli continues to needlessly burn and millions of Libyans get caught in the crossfire of western imperialist agendas. Follow for more: @the.geopolitical.forecaster Tags: #politics #political #politik #politica #politico #trump #conservative #liberal #republican #democrat #feminist #vegan #europe #memes #military #student #college #news #breakingnews #russia #china #unitedstates #libya #middleeast #arab #islam #writer #writersofinstagram #makeamericagreatagain #notmypresident

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تابعني ان تابعك❤❤


Does the US learn anything from iraq ?

In a television interview Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hauntingly expressed his desire to “extend Israel’s sovereignty” by annexing settlements he deems sovereign within the West Bank. He promised that if re-elected in next weeks elections, he would see to the annexation of settlements belonging to 500,000 Israelis, but is internationally entitled to the more than 2.6 million Palestinian natives. This extreme announcement comes little over a week since the United States announced it’s illegal recognization of the Golan Heights as Israeli sovereign land, despite violating international law and causing wide condemnation from the global community. In the interview, Netanyahu also reaffirmed his prideful position against the two state solution with Palestine calling the popular diplomatic option an “endangerment to our [Israels] existence”. This decision has undoubtedly been well coordinated as part of an effort, in addition to the endless flirtation with the Trump administration into gifting more and more pieces of the region as Israeli, to re-elect Netanyahu on next Tuesday’s election even as he is facing multiple counts of corruption and bribery in office. The re-election of Netanyahu would undoubtedly result in the continuation of a campaign bent on expanding Israeli dominion upon its neighbors lands, a continuance in illegal strikes within Syrian and Lebanese airspace, and the demonization and blatant threats to wage war against Iran despite its legal invitation to work with its neighbors in the region. Follow for more: @the.geopolitical.forecaster Tags: #politics #political #politik #politica #politico #trump #conservative #liberal #republican #democrat #feminist #vegan #europe #memes #military #student #college #news #breakingnews #russia #china #unitedstates #israel #gaza #westbank #palestine #jew #freepalestine #writer #writersofinstagram

Hebron, West Bank
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