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✨10K✨ I wanted to thank everyone for supporting my efforts and being engaged in my photography endeavors for the last few years. This page has become a thing of pride for me as I’ve collected memories of people and places that have brought me so many emotions. As a means of challenge, I’ve dipped my toes in video lately and wanted to share a short clip of a music video I shot for @honesthaloway in the crazy beautiful country of Namibia. I hope you enjoy it! Link to full video in bio 🎬

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Me trying to take in the glory of this vast caldera over the sound of my mom yelling obscenities in 3 languages behind me. Good times in Oía 💙

Oía, Kikladhes, Greece
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Missing these early morning flights over these gorgeous little islands. Lofoten is currently in the process of being certified as a “sustainable destination” which means the country itself works systematically to reduce the negative impacts of tourism, something most countries I’ve traveled to don’t think too hard about. It’s inspiring, I dig it. More of that please!

Svolvær, Norway
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A public shoutout to @honesthalowayfor unknowingly walking into so many frames and giving an otherwise ordinary landscape photo a much needed subject. You’re my favorite human and the best friend I have. The diamonds this morning were a classy touch too ✨

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The art of leadership 🐑

Møre og Romsdal
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2018 was pretty memorable for me and I’ll look back on the year with a feeling of accomplishment and a smirk on my face. My comfort zone expanded a bit more with every new challenge... and with every new stamp in my passport, so did my knowledge and appreciation for the world we live in. I don’t think there’s a more valuable education than learning about this planet and experiencing the history and culture of those who live a starkly different life than ourselves. I think that in that space, empathy and kindness thrive and I’m looking forward to taking it all in as I welcome a new year. Cheers to finding adventures and cheers to 2019 ✌🏽

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Flying over Lillehammer back in September! This is the little resort town in southern Norway that hosted the 1994 Winter Olympics and brought 2 million spectators...now it’s an overgrown and seemingly abandoned park. Just my style 👌🏽

Lillehammer Olympiapark
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This was taken right outside of Mardalsfossen which is one of the 10 highest waterfalls in Europe. There’s actually a lake over 3000 feet above sea level that I was trying to capture but it’s so far up that my drone never reached the top, even though I changed the settings and pushed it to its limits. @honesthaloway took this photo of me instead 🤷🏻‍♀️ #silverlinings

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This is me prancing around the moss all proud of myself to have made the hike over the mountains behind me, and not yet realizing there would be another 4 hours of steep uphill climbing ahead... Aside from that gross miscalculation that had me scaling rocks and drinking water from a stream like a goat, this was the best we did hike in Lofoten! 📍 - Ryten ⏱ - 6 hours 📏 - 10.09 km 🏔 - 551 meters

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Entering Sweden from Norway shook me up a bit because I hadn’t been “home” in 20 years. In the first few minutes of crossing the border, the landscape changed entirely. The mossy hills began leveling into vast fields of nothing but white birch trees with red and yellow leaves starting to fall. I had to slow down to really take it all in. The second I did and began looking around, this rare white reindeer appeared out of nowhere and just stood there, still, as if to welcome me back home. It took my breath away. I fumbled around and managed to take a photo. Not sure I actually needed to though since I’ll never forget it. And if it’s true that your life flashes before your eyes in the end, this will be one of those iconic images I’ll see 🍂

North Sweden
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Rising fog in the meadows with @honesthaloway🌳

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The view that turned the night owl into a morning person 🏠

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I’ve haphazardly suggested to my family and friends that we should move far (far) away and start a commune but these people actually did it. If you look closely you’ll see four little houses nestled on the side of this foggy cliff. Still trying to decide, is it madness or absolute genius?

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Morning reflections. It’s finally starting to feel like autumn and I’m beginning to think I’m alone in loving this moody weather ☁️

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One of the biggest reasons I wanted to go home to Scandinavia was being back in unspoiled nature where I grew up. Another was places like this. This is Hamnøy, the oldest fishing village in the crazy beautiful Lofoten archipelago ⚓️

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Blue hour in the clouds! This photo is a perfect example of why I love to shoot late into the evenings. Trollstigen is visited by 5,000 people every day, but on this night...it was just us 2 ☁️☁️

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Another year around the sun, another trip to a far away land. Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone! Getting older has been easier on me as the years have passed because I’ve surrounded myself with really incredible people who have seen me through some huge life changes and supported my every decision. It’s allowed me to not get sucked into the routine of an unfulfilled life and let me find a harmonious balance so I can travel freely and do the things that keep me sane. Shout out to my mom @svasigh who panics every time she looks at this photo knowing it’s her adventurous spirit I inherited 😊

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Island priorities on point👌🏽⚽️

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