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This lyrebird sure is a hot mess. First time seeing a wild one that wasn’t fanging it across the road, but it did make sure not to show itself until we had finished our walk and were driving home. #lyrebird

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Buoyansea as part of the #sculptureonclydewalk this morning. Instagram is killing me by not being able to post portrait and landscape photos in the same post, so work with me here... if you get all up close to the tentacles of the sculpture it reminds me of a crazy messed up rollercoaster! Pretty hectic. Would not ride that thing!

Batemans Bay, New South Wales
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Loten’s Sunbird standing proud with its glossy breeding plumage, long curved bill and iridescent green mantle. #lotenssunbird

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The water was meant to be glass. Might get lucky next year. In the meantime the trees will keep on tree-ing and the rowers will keep on rowing. Whoever selected those trees to go along the lakefront hats off to ya.

National Library of Australia
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Grey Teals. Yellow reflection.

Lake Burley Griffin
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Street dogs of Sigiriya. 1. Followme 2. Theguardian 3. Thirsty I don’t know how Thirsty got to the top in the first place, but the fortress is probably all that it will know for the rest of its life as there is no way for a dog to get down by itself. There were actually many dogs at the top - including puppies - and without being a local I guess it’s hard to tell whether they do manage the dogs at the top or not. There are plans to manage street dogs in Sri Lanka as a whole, but I don’t know the specifics, yet, aside from culls and contraception... If you’ve read this far then you’ve learned as much as I have: nothing specific.

Sigiriya, Sri Lanka
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Pidurangala Rock, Sri Lanka. Most people climb Pidurangala to look at the rock that I’m on - Sigiriya Rock, or Lion Rock. Which is a fair call - it is quite a view. But Pidurangala looks pretty peaceful over there. It also had a temple built on it rather than a fortress... so it probably is a bit more peaceful.

Pidurangala Rock, Sigirya
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Achievement unlocked: meteor on camera. Now back to your regular televised program.

Lake George
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Had a whirl at taking some astrophotography on the weekend. While the #etaaquaridsmeteor shower wasn’t exactly as spectacular as we thought it was going to be, still some learning done. Also, the most amazing part of the night was when I started to hear some quick thuds around 5am. Initially I thought it was just a weird noise from a flock of ducks or something taking off but the noise continued to get closer and faster. And it was fucking freaky. Sitting there in the dark. Thudda thudda thudda thudda. Then I shone my head torch in the direction and there was two foxes chasing each other around. It was amazing, but being in pitch black with just the noise of eight feet going a million miles an hour was very disconcerting.

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Lake Burley Griffin forecast: golden with balloons and a chance of rowing. #visitcanberra

Lake Burley Griffin
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Black-shouldered kite in full stretch spotted on my jog this afternoon. A second one turned up and landed in the same tree but neither of them caught any bounty for me to see. Stopping to observe them didn’t do my time any favours either...

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Night. Carillon. Reflection. Bird.

National Carillon
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The Australian War Memorial sits silent in the middle of the night, projecting the historical actions of Australian Military Service servicemen and servicewomen on its facade until, in a few hours time it will be engulfed by a throng of people who will come to reflect and connect with those lost in war and those who continue to serve today #anzacday #dawnservice #anzacprojections #myawm #australianwarmemorial @awmemorial

Australian War Memorial
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Pelican, but peli won’t paddle underneath me.

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A white-throated kingfisher who looks to have a beak significantly disproportionate to its body. Venturing outside kookaburra land it’s amazing how many types of kingfishers there actually are. I don’t know exactly how many... but the Kookaburra (of which there is more than one type of kookaburra too!) is just the tip of the iceberg it would seem.

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Possum through fence. I imagine this possum is seriously reconsidering the choice to be in this neighbourhood, although, with us humans taking over all of their spaces it probably doesn’t really have that much choice about where to go. That said, I would still recommend considering other options at the very least...

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