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Russian girl; Mobile Legends | Just bad-skilled artist :v

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Wth is this O'kay, I ship Granley very much, I fell in love with this ship😍 GRANLEY FOREVER IN MY HEART And yes, I am alive XD I remember, when Granger appeared in survey, I decided, that I won't ship him with anyone. I saw, how people ship Lesley with him, and I was neutral to it. Buuuuuuut Since there is a new war ship, Gusion is broke up with her, and Lesley with broken heart... And there is cool guy Granger! I started to ship it👌🖤(that what my mind drew)

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Yes, this is me on the arts XD . Hate the afk existing -_- I meet this more, than in the beginning of ML. If I meet one afk teammate, then in next battles always will be the another one too :( But usually, we can win even if we are only 4 vs 5. But then, there comes a moment, when we accidentally all die, and enemy can go to our towers freely...

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You know, my style of drawing on paper and on the phone is different. Here you can see my paper drawing style, lel. Here just spam of ML girls.

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O'kay, just imagine, the darkness doesn't affect her and she's shining😂 Here I was trying colour more, because this is one thing, that I can't do properly. Btw, this is new Kadita's survey skin "White Robin", I love this her new skin so much🤩

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I like all national heroes from ML, because they are saviours; they protect something important for them, and never feel fear, they fight and do a history (this list don't include only these three, but there is also Minsitthar, Zilong, Chang'E, Kadita, Badang) I am laazy to colour XD

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Tina✨ Ohh, they are so cute~ Who else ships Newtina? I love her so much😍💕 Not ML art, just wanted to draw it And ofc, I see, how people create cool arts on computer, but since I don't have this opportunity, I always draw on phone XD

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Ooh I heard, that Granger is deaf on music(that means, he can't hear the differences in music tones) And now I realised, why he talking about his guitar, the case is his treasure and very important for him. And now I feel bad for my previous comic, because I didn't know about his disease and thought, that his quote about guitar case is funny...

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Granger "Your death is a music for my ears" Omg, I like this character so much! First of all, I decided to buy him only because he looks cool. And then, I saw his skills, and I liked it sooo muuuch, I will definitely buy him😍🔥 And yep, I am suck at drawing hands😭😂

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Meh I know, this art is bad, but I just wanted to post somethimg about them. Yeah, I ship YSS with Kadita, and on this acc there will be a lot of Kashin😂 But I will try to do arts better.

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